TV, eh? podcast episode 23: Lethally Sexy and Borderline Sociopathic

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Anthony and Diane start with a discussion on the importance of a good ending to a short series, starting with Rubicon (bad example) and Terriers (good example) then moving on to Intelligence (oh look, a Canadian example).

Netflix has more Canadian content … but it’s still pretty underwhelming.

We feel compelled to hate CTV’s new one-hour shows based on the breathless media release: “Please god don’t make them suck as badly as this press release makes them sound.” But Diane refuses to relinquish the dream that they might be good based on the creative talent behind them: “Don’t crush my dreams!” Oh and another Canadian cop show is being filmed for a potentially American audience.

Most asked question on TV,eh? – when will Murdoch Mysteries be back? Finally an answer: season 4 will premiere on March 16 on Citytv.

Anthony gets his rant on about 3D television, after the Hockey Night in Canada broadcast. Somehow it turns into a brief discussion about porn’s influence on our entertainment technology.

You wanted a top 10 list of the best Canadian TV? You get a top 3 (Diane) and top 5 (Anthony) list of shows we watch voluntarily and Diane gets her rant on about the whiny, PR-impaired Canadian television industry.

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7 thoughts on “TV, eh? podcast episode 23: Lethally Sexy and Borderline Sociopathic”

  1. Great podcast (funny but you make some interesting points as well).

    My top canadian shows this year have been (in no particular order)
    – Todd and the Book of Pure Evil (Space will actually be airing all of Season 1 on January 3)
    – Stargate Universe
    – Lost Girl
    – Haven
    – 18 to Life (just caught this show on CBC this summer, I’m surprised at how funny it is)

    Kind of a random list, but these were the only shows I thought were worth following regularly. I’d like to see Durham County and Call Me Fitz, but I think they’re only airing on the premium cable channels, maybe I’ll be able to catch them on DVD.

  2. Spliced
    Ed the Sock’s This Movie Sucks!
    Pure Pwnage

    Oh, and the Angora Napkin pilot. If Angora Napkin doesn’t make series, it’ll be a hands-down wasted opportunity for Teletoon. I mean this.

  3. Is a “top” 10 list any less hypocritical than interviewing and promoting the stars of Being Erica a few weeks ago after you think the show’s gone downhill? And didn’t mention anything at all about your issues with the season till now?

  4. I’ve mentioned my issues with Being Erica before. And if helping promote shows I don’t like is hypocritical, I shouldn’t be running this site at all. I should be running a fansite for Call Me Fitz. But my mandate for TV, eh? is and always has been to let Canadians know these shows exist and to let have the creatives involved have their say independently from my opinion. Doesn’t mean I won’t express my opinion or that I take orders from Canadian creatives on how to do so – which is what Will was asking for in his top 10 demand. And he was asking critics who have a mandate to be, well, critical, and who decidedly do NOT have a mandate to promote.

  5. I know this is in the wrong year, but only catching up on shows now.

    Great you did a short chat about Sanctuary. I caught the last episode of the second series just before the third season started, and I got hooked. I bought the first two season DVD’s to get the back-story. I’ve become a bit of a fan-boy, and this is the only Canadian show I can say that for.

    My wife started to watch after seeing it over my shoulder, so I’m watching all episodes a second time. When we got to Kali Part 1 she recognised one of the extras (a friend from the Bengali community in Ottawa, currently living in Vancouver).

    Funny — he never mentioned being on the show. Guess that is part of the Canadian TV thing — he assumed that nobody would ever see him on the show… :-)

    Of course, even fewer people will ever see this comment..

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