Poll: What’s your LEAST favourite Canadian show of 2010?

Before the Degrassi fans were enlisted to vote en masse, it was clear Battle of the Blades is the favourite Canadian show of people who read this site. So now the big question is: what show did you despise? The most posted-about shows are listed, but feel free to write in votes in the comment section.

What was your LEAST favourite Canadian show?

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13 thoughts on “Poll: What’s your LEAST favourite Canadian show of 2010?”

  1. Difficult to say as so many I never watched. I really hated the ads for SYTYCDC, does that count?

    It’s not accepting my vote, but I would select Hiccups because it *could* have been entertaining but just simply was not.

  2. Thing is that Battle of the Blades and SYTYCDC both give the audience what they tuned in to see. So does Todd and the Book of Pure Evil – if you’re in the target demo (thirteen year-olds and potheads) you’re going to get what you want.

    But Hiccups and the Ron James Show are supposed to be funny.

    1. Results on this one so far surprise me. Of course it means as much as any other online poll with no context – hard to say if people are voting for a show they watched regularly and were disappointed in, just hate the idea of and never watched, or what.

    2. I am not surprised at Little Mosque on the Prairie, Hiccups and Men with Brooms being least-liked frontrunners. They’re all trying to be Corner Gas. Two of the shows even have key CG personnel.

      I think people are tired of the CG small-town formula by now, if the poll is an accurate barometer of public tastes. Dan for Mayor has a few votes, but I’m surprised the Kids in the Hall limited series and The Bridge are hated more than DfM.

  3. Typical of you to have skipped commenting on the original favourite poll and only complain about anything remotely critical. I’m not your PR agency, and you are the worst PR for Murdoch Mysteries. You can stop stopping in here now – I’ve taken the show off the site.

  4. How on Earth did Being Erica score so high? Sure it had a few lackluster episodes this season but I’m surprised so many people hated it that much…

  5. My guess is that it’s a show many people watched regularly and were disappointed in. If you haven’t seen a show, hard to say you hated it.

  6. You missed out on the CBC News, Curling, Hockey night in Canada, the CFL coverage…anyone who saw the Edmonton/Winnipeg game…nuff said.

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