InSecurity uncertainly satirizes TV

From Jaime Weinman of Maclean’s:

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    It’s hard to know, as yet, what to make of the show: what I’ve seen of it feels too uncertain in tone to be really funny — like a lot of shows, it doesn’t quite know if it wants to go for a big broad cartoonish style a la 30 Rock (the lead character seems, and is intended to be, a bit like Liz Lemon) or something more deadpan. Read more.

4 thoughts on “InSecurity uncertainly satirizes TV”

  1. Wow! A whole new level of bad has been achieved. Congratulations to the CBC. You’ve done it again.

  2. After InSecurity aired, I talked to a friend who had watched it. He said it made him feel ashamed to be Canadian. He didn’t have to explain what he meant, but of course he did: InSecurity was badly written, badly cast, badly acted, badly directed, and badly shot — and as a Canadian who cares about quality TV, he would like to think we couldn’t possibly make something so terrible right across the board. He was right on all counts, I’d say.

  3. In 1 month CBC go to the best (men with brooms) to the worst (inshitcurity)… it’s bad, very bad.

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