TV, eh? podcast episode 24: Painting with a Schadenfreude Brush

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We’re back from the holidays with an interview with Allan Hawco, creator and star of Republic of Doyle. (An odd audio glitch on my end means Anthony creatively edited to cut my part out – yay Anthony!)

Before the interview, we discuss the new and returning shows this month: Village on a Diet, InSecurity, Mike Holmes, Flashpoint, Pillars of the Earth, etc.

Check out previous interviews with Gordon Pinsent (Pillars of the Earth) and Hugh Dillon (Flashpoint), and see the new TV, eh? “printerview” with Sergio Di Zio, who plays Spike on Flashpoint.

We ridicule Fox News for discovering the “wildly popular” Little Mosque on the Prairie in response to Katie Couric’s call for a Muslim Cosby Show.

Anna and Kristina’s Grocery Bag debuts on Oprah Winfrey’s channel. Yay them.

Anthony educates us on what net neutrality means and why you should care.

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