11 thoughts on “Ratings: InSecurity and Pillars of the Earth debut well”

  1. That’s 724,000 people wishing they could get that half hour back. This turkey will be lucky to get a third of those numbers next week. There should be a federal investigation into why the CBC continues to produce such mediocre comedies. I shouldn’t call them comedies because that would imply that they are funny. Which they are not.

    1. I happened to like Insecurity and will continue to watch.

      Please be so kind as to not presume to speak for everyone. Unless you have a direct psychic connection to every one of the viewers you are not qualified to make that kind of statement

  2. I disagree with the last comment. Little Mosque isn’t mediocre, it’s terrible! And it just won’t stop. I know you’re trying to include everyone CBC, but sometimes a couple of kids gotta die if it means the rest of us can have peanut butter.

  3. I missed the first bit of Insecurity cuz I was working the late shift at the balloon factory. My mom was doing dishes and watching Insecurity on the tv in the kitchen when I got home. I could hear some of it from the other room and it sounded alright, but I was busy playing “Dragon’s Steed” for ps3.

  4. Cavendish is right. To many people are watching TV nowadays. Their should be more exercising and physical activity. thats why everyones fat. you can’t have 724,000 people watch tv and not expect some fatties. Wake up People!!!

  5. Congrats CBC!

    I’m just surprised that Canadian viewers still like watching programs about horses and knights and such. I remember when I was younger I COULD NOT get enough of that stuff!

    Remember that one about the masked hero on the horse? It was olden days? I think there was a castle. Anyway, I loved that show and it really reminded me of Pillows of the Earth. Especially with that character who carries the sword.

  6. fyi Rick M/ben3325/Lon are the same person. Who thinks he’s a lot funnier than just one comment/persona can contain. I have to disagree.

  7. That only leaves Cavendish and Morgan Tufts, both of whom were in the conservatory doing God knows what with that candlestick!

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