TV, eh? podcast episode 25 – Minus Parka and Pajamas

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We dish on more of the January premieres, including what’s coming up (Republic of Doyle, Haven repeating on Global), and what’s launched already (Village on a Diet, InSecurity, Pillars of the Earth).

For all the scoop on ratings, check out Bill Brioux’s blog at TV Feeds My Family.

ABC has picked up Canada’s Combat Hospital and we talk a bit about their adaptation of Being Erica too.

Anthony rants about caps on Internet usage. And titles this podcast for Diane’s slip of the tongue that implied she was shopping naked. She didn’t.

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One thought on “TV, eh? podcast episode 25 – Minus Parka and Pajamas”

  1. Anthony,

    I think caps and Usage Based Billing (UBB) is very much on-topic for a Canadian Content show.

    For some people like Diane, many of these services are all bundled — and the overall price will affect what features people keep for each. As Internet costs goes up, it may mean that speciality channels will go down.

    For techies in the industry like me the more that the legacy cable and phone companies are allowed to impose their outdated business models on the industry, the more we’ll want to stop paying these companies anything. We don’t see phone and cable companies as logical providers of Internet services (I’ve never seriously considered Bell or Rogers as ISP’s), but competitors to Internet services who are trying to rewrite all the rules that made the Internet useful in the first place.

    Compare how I think of WIND with Rogers. With WIND I know I could ask them for better pricing for my cell phone+data and be moved over to one of their new deals, but I don’t mind being lazy and just paying a bit extra to help support this competitive option. In the case of Rogers I want to turn off anything I can as a penny less going to these scum-bags the better as far as I’m concerned.

    I already use TekSavvy for my landline home-phone. While the wire into my home is still managed by Bell because of that government granted monopoly, I tried to take as much money out of Bell’s pockets as I could.

    When I drop cable, will I drop off the face of the earth as far as Canadian TV is concerned? While that is largely up to the Canadian content producers as to whether they will offer me their shows, I believe I will show up as dropped audiences with the current statistical methodology.

    I really believe that the more that phone and cable companies are allowed to screw with the Canadian Internet, the less Canadian shows there will be.

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