Ratings: New shows tumble in week 2

From Bill Brioux at TV Feeds My Family:

  • New CBC shows take tumble in Week Two
    Monday to Monday, Little Mosque went from 593,000 viewers to 477,000 according to overnight estimates. 18 to Life slipped from 436,000 to 386,000. Village on a Diet shrunk from 514,000 to 376,000. The Tuesday to Tuesday CBC tally followed the same trend. The new spy comedy InSecurity lost close to 200,000 viewers in Week Two, dropping from 724,000 to 526,000. The epic miniseries Pillars of the Earth had a similar slide, from 951,000 viewers on opening week to 762,000. Read more.

4 thoughts on “Ratings: New shows tumble in week 2”

  1. I’m curious if you have discussed where these ratings come from on the podcast or on this site yet. Or if this is something you’ve studied.

    I ask because I’m one of those people constantly viewing my cable and wanting to get rid of it. I hate Rogers as a company, but am no more a fan of Bell (Expressview) or Shaw (StarChoice).

    I worry that if I and other people like me drop cable and go to DVD’s for the shows we love then shows would get cancelled.

    It would be nice if there were legal and compatible (IE: DRM-free) online options to pay, but they just aren’t there. I’d pay $10/month just for a full feed of the Space Channel. This isn’t the same as the low-resolution stuff on their site that I can’t put on my TV anyway, and which doesn’t cover all programming. Not surprisingly for the executives of “Party like it is 1980 forever” stations the option isn’t available.

    The way I figure it we pay about $10 per channel now. We pay over $60/month and watch about 10 of the channels offered to us. If these channels were smart they would set up a way to skip the intermediaries and make more of that money. Same for content producers who should be offering direct purchasing that would skip the channels and the BDU’s.

  2. I agree with the OP, I squirm when I see my cable bill every month, I’m paying for a lot of channels I don’t watch and I don’t want.

    It also makes for lazy broadcasters, if their channel is part of a bundle, what’s the incentive? I would rather pay Showcase $10 a month to support their shows, but if their content/quality slides (and it is, their lack of comedy output is terrible) I can vote with my wallet.

  3. I’ve also wondered about where the ratings come from. Now, call me old fashioned, but I still plug in my “rabbit ears” and watch television that way. Can the Nielsens tell what I have been watching?

    I also like to tape record my favourite shows with VCR+ but they never list the codes anymore in TV Guide. Can the Nielsens tell what shows I have taped?

    I’m no expert on television, but if you guys want to get out of your cable bill, just plug an antenna into your TV. It’s free!

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