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  1. Hi,
    The Ice Pilots series currently feeds the needs of those of us who have become “reality”
    television afficionados. I have watched the series with a keen interest as one of the DC3’s currently owned by Buffalo air was named for an aviation icon named Mel Bryan. When the aircraft was retired by the Western Region of Transport Canada the aircraft whose call letters are C-FCUE it was repainted and the name “The Mel Bryan” was given prominence on the nose.
    Mel Bryan had over 5000 hours logged on this aircraft. In 1952 he flew it on a rescue mission to the Arctic to drop food to a band of starving Inuit. The winter drop was perilous but successful for all. The article of acclaim for this adventure was published in the Edmonton Journal.
    When Mel retired he was honoured by the Canadian Governmant for his dedication to the aviation industry. A training centre located at the Ottawa International airport was opened and dedicated to Mel.
    Today the Mel Bryan had been painted the flagship colours of Buffalo Air. Underneath the green lies a story of over 50 years of avaition firsts for Mel Bryan.

    Bev Williams

    1. Would love to gather a lot more information on Mel Bryan and would appreciate any assistance. I’m not having much luck on line oddly enough. Cheers. Debi Fidler

  2. Has anyone tried playing Social TV during Ice Pilots NWT?

    Here is how it works:
    Each week viewers poll and play along with the show on the web, iPhone or iPad answering episode-related questions. They can see what other fans think, and post comments – all while watching the show.

    Then you unlock a new, exclusive video featuring jaw-dropping footage of classic, vintage planes soaring the majestic Northern skies as gutsy pilots push them and themselves to the ultimate limits.

    Definitely check it out!

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