The Bridge cancelled; creator and star developing new projects with CTV

From a media release:

CTV To Develop New Projects from Creator and Star of THE BRIDGE

CTV announced today it is moving forward on the development of new projects from producer Craig Bromell, actor Aaron Douglas and Entertainment One (eOne). The re-focusing comes as CTV, Bromell and eOne have mutually agreed not to proceed with a second season of THE BRIDGE, as previously announced.

“We have had a tremendous run,” said Executive Producer Craig Bromell. “I am very thankful for having had the chance to work with so many talented people behind and in front of the camera. We could not bring all of the necessary elements together to create a successful second season. CTV has been so supportive throughout the life of the show and I look forward to working with them on other ideas.”

Bromell and CTV are developing a project following the intense and complex personal and professional lives of a police drug squad. In addition, CTV has also forged an on-going creative relationship with actor Aaron Douglas through a non-exclusive development deal. Additionally, CTV is developing a character-driven legal drama with eOne and writer Pam Davis (FLASHPOINT, HOUSE).

The announcement follows CTV’s December announcement of the pick-ups of pilots for two, new one-hour dramas: SAVING HOPE, from the acclaimed Gemini award-winning producer Ilana Frank (THE ELEVENTH HOUR, OF MURDER AND MEMORY, ROOKIE BLUE) and writer Morwyn Brebner (ROOKIE BLUE); and STAY WITH ME, from the celebrated Gemini award-winning producing team of writer Suzette Couture and Pierre Sarrazin from Sarrazin Couture Entertainment (THE MAN WHO LOST HIMSELF). Production on both is expected to begin this Spring. Also announced in December was the new one-hour drama HIGHLAND GARDENS (working title), from the internationally acclaimed and Gemini Award-winning Epitome Pictures producing team of Linda Schuyler and Stephen Stohn (DEGRASSI), and writer Martin Gero (BORED TO DEATH ,Young People F*cking).


4 thoughts on “The Bridge cancelled; creator and star developing new projects with CTV”

  1. Betcha they owed the actor dude money for cancelling his contract, why else would they give him a development deal?

  2. CTV’s decision to stop producing “The Bridge” is another blunder by CTV. This series was interesting and a well handled story. Cancelling of Intelligence and now The Bridge shows me that the decision making for such quality shows is being made by someone who is missing the fact that Canadian content is far better than American and British TV. It is another sad day in the Media bazaar.

  3. I’m sure that Craig Bromell has allot of stories to share, and I hope that CTV gives him the resources to make that happen soon.
    This was a great show that never got it’s chance to shine.

  4. I started watching the Bridge on weekend mornings. I was telling my friends about this great show and was really looking forward to seeing the next season. I agree, this is a huge mistake on CTV’s part. Some of the best shows took time to get a following – CTV should have more faith in the shows they’ve put on the air and give more then a few shows in the first season as their litman test.

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