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Comments and queries for the week of August 25

Loved [Saving Hope]. The ending was bittersweet and though it really stretched the tragedy, let face it, in real life there are few storybook endings. Very impressed with the entire cast, and Erica Durance’s work in the last episode showed a depth of emotion which was palpable. I found the shot of Charlie seeing her elderly hands as her kids were preparing for Alex’s passing, achingly painful. However, her meeting Charlie in the afterlife mirrors what I think we all hope for—we shed the years of age and earth bound sorrows to return to our best selves with those we love. The only thing that would have made it better was having not only Charlie but Alex’s mom, brother, Joel … her loved ones who arrived before she did, meeting her on the beach. —RR

Very disappointing to watch the last episode tonight. I cried not only for the way the show ended but I watched it on my wedding anniversary. I lost my husband almost four years ago and I also have a son and daughter. Hits so close to home. —Marsha

I truly loved this show and it breaks my heart that it’s over. Every single time there is a great show that becomes really popular it seems like someone or something has to either leave the show or the show is ended. I’m just going to stop watching TV altogether so I’m not disappointed all the time. —Melissa

So sad it;s over. Loved this show. —Sandy

I can’t believe this show is over. They need to keep it on. —Joanne

I think 19-2 is the finest Canadian drama ever produced. Period. Dan Petronijevic did a masterful job with an unsympathetic character—glad J.M. went out a hero, and his suffering ended. —Robert

The [Amazing Race Canada] two sign thing was a perfect trick! A task after both the Detour and Roadblock was a surprise and good Leg design. But you know it ran way later than production wanted. No self-driving this Leg. Little surprised nobody got the beer task. Kinda annoyed they made two of three international episodes non-elims but they foreshadowed it with the Mother Day’s thing. Though that means no more saves after this. Sympathy from another southpaw to Bert. Poor Korey, first his bladder then this uniform. —DanAmazing


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Comments and queries for the week of August 18

Fans react to Saving Hope‘s series finale, Part 3

I hated the ending. I wanted to see the love they had for each other and, finally, have a long life together married. Instead, Charlie dies. I loved this show, please bring it back it was the best show on Tuesday nights to look forward to. All the good shows get taken off the air; not a good idea. Tuesday nights will never be the same. —Joann

This show had great potential but took some ridiculous/illogical (unrealistic) plot twists. The final episode—killing off Charlie—ruined the whole show and made everything that came before it hollow and a waste of time. This is not Shakespeare; movies/television of this type are escapism, and the last thing people want in a show like this is the permanent sense of disappointment associated with the show by ruining all the time and emotion invested in the previous episodes with a final, dreadful, tragic, unhappy ending, like in the show The Wonder Years. People deserve the happy ending in entertainment that they seldom get in life, and when they don’t get it, it is a betrayal. I did not see every episode and was fully prepared to buy the series on DVD. I won’t waste my time and money: if I want to experience the pain and disappointment every episode will be tainted with from now on by knowing the final outcome of the series, I can just experience it every day in real life. —R

Terrible ending. Why would anyone hope after that ending? Too many bad things happening to this couple and you end it by actually killing their lives together. Hope … I think not. Worst ending ever. Forget the reruns. —Gloria

Having to get up at 5 a.m. for work after watching Saving Hope til wee hours of the morning was tough but I couldn’t miss an episode. I was hoping that Charlie’s death was a dream and that he really didn’t die. I truly hope that the show’s creators come up with another show of this stellar quality. I am so sad that it had to end this way. Thanks to all for keeping us entertained. There is no other show out there that can touch it. —Kathleen

Great show … I will miss it. Very sad ending. Maybe it might come back with the child having the gift after the accident??? —Valerie


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Comments and queries for the week of August 11

Saving Hope fans sound off on the series finale, Part 2

HATED the finale. This entire season was not right. But that finale was just such a letdown. There was no reason to go out like that. —Mike

Loved watching this show on ION here in Pennsylvania USA. Tears flowed last night at the finale; will miss my Tuesday nights watching it. Had the perfect ending though, I must say sad but then the happy moment at the end! —Tina

Why can’ t we have shows with happy endings? Enough sadness in the world. —Patty

I’m so sad I could cry. I loved this show, looked forward to it every week. I wish you would have figured out a way to keep this show going. :( —Lillian

I loved this show. I was so upset with the ending. I think it was good how they did get Charlie to help out with giving other people a second chance but still, I think Alex and Charlie should have had that second chance too. I cried so hard when they said he died. It was like a part of my family had died. I hope somewhere down the way they somehow bring it back. It was a great show with a great cast. Going to miss it greatly. —Debbie

I wasn’t surprised you decided to end the show as you did, but I would have been happier for Charlie and Alex to just ride off into the sunset. I thought that they had put the two characters through enough and that once they finally got married they and their love would have finally come full circle. Maybe have a remake and change the ending to Charlie not dying. Those of us who have experienced so much of it in their lifetime it really is hard. Thank you for the five years!!!! —Lori

I loved this show but I was very upset when I realize Charlie would not survive. I wanted that so badly. With all they went through I was so hoping they would get their happy ever after. —Evelyn

I didn’t think I’d like Saving Hope when it first came on. But I saw the first episode again after I saw the second episode and I’ve been hooked for all five seasons. It was good when they came on in back-to-back episodes. The ending was great. Great show. I hope all the actors come back on TV sometime in the future. —Walter

I will miss this show very much, but I am glad that Charlie and Alex finally got married and I pray we will see more of all these actors and actresses! Blessings and favour over your careers! —Colleen

I enjoyed the show and sad to see it end. It is fitting that Alex and Charlie would be together in the end. —Randall


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Comments and queries for the week of August 4

The fans say goodbye to Saving Hope

I have just found this show and have been binge watching it for five days now to only find out that this season, Season 5, is the end of the show!! Every time I find a show I truly love it goes off the air. I wish you were going to continue this show, I love it! Thank you, though, for what I have gotten to watch, the actors are great and I will greatly miss it! —Tammy

I wish Saving Hope would continue! The good ones always leave too soon. Hopefully, they get married and not one or both killed off! Love Charlie and Alex! —Marcy

Thanks for five loving years. Haven’t missed a single episode, some we watched twice and really enjoyed every one of them. Almost cried when Joel got blown up; that was a bummer. Thanks to all the cast for their superlative acting. I am not clear why Saving Hope was not renewed. The cast and crew were great and Michael, Erica and Huse Madhavji, Wendy and all. Hope somewhere in the near future we could see more of SAVING HOPE!!! —Jean

I’ve been trying to write this post for more than an hour, trying to say something 100 per cent nice, but not succeeding. It kept sounding like an underhanded compliment. So I’m just going to be honest and tell you how I feel. I loved the show, but I didn’t like Season 5 quite as much—which I’ve seen in its entirety. And when I say I LOVED the show, I mean I was part of the fan videos made for the cast before the show began, and watched all seasons from the beginning and sometimes had to go through a crazy international scramble to get copies of the show, and now I help run an 800-member Facebook group dedicated to Saving Hope. I’ve had that kind of commitment and love for this series, and a great deal of appreciation for all the heart cast and crew put into making this program. I often hear that it is better not to say anything unless you are going to say something nice. Alas, I believe in honest feedback. I wish it weren’t so, but I feel let down. —Solstice

Man, I love this show, the entire cast, the Canadian content, amazing acting and writing. Wendy Crewson especially blows me away. I will truly miss this show and characters (goes for guest stars like Missy Peregrym and others). Michael and Erica rock! Looking forward to more from these actors and producers. One of my favourite shows EVER! You did your audience and country proud with this one! —Gail

I am going to miss Saving Hope so much. Seeing my favourite stars of my TV show for the last five years has been such a joy. I absolutely love Michael and Erica and all of the Saving Hope guys and girls. I wish them all of the luck for the future and I hope to see them all again one day soon. xx —Jess

Thank you to all the actors, writers, and crew. Quite possibly my favourite show of all time, and the fact that it’s over will outweigh the heavy content of the finale for quite a while. —Hallie

Why do all the endings have to be like this now? Why can’t we have a happy ending to a great show? You just ruined five years of Saving Hope. This is why I don’t watch series. I made an exception and now I’m sad. I will stick to science-fiction from now on. Very dissatisfied and disappointed. —Crys

I did not like the ending at first but, overnight, I realized that it makes sense actually. It ended as it began. Charlie should have died in the first accident. The five years that he lived partly in both realms was a gift. A time for them to grow and have two children as the legacy of their love. —Ruth

As a Canadian, I couldn’t be more proud of this show. I am so very sad it’s really over. I certainly was disappointed and overwhelmed with emotions seeing Charlie’s death, but then very relieved that the very end brought him and Alex together again. It was a thing of beauty after all. I will miss it terribly. —Sheri


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Link: Saving Hope’s Wendy Crewson looks back on her time as Dana

From Christy Spratlin of The TV Junkies:

Link: Saving Hope’s Wendy Crewson looks back on her time as Dana
“Ilana Frank, our producer, has always been really great that way. She always writes with women in mind and certainly when I first started on Saving Hope our showrunner was Morwyn Brebner and she’s a terrific writer. She was really focused on making sure that the female roles were strong and believable. And it wasn’t just the women on the writing staff, the men as well, Adam Pettle and Aaron Martin, just to name a few, that were just terrific writers that could really speak with a strong female voice.” Continue reading.