Comments and queries for the week of August 11

Saving Hope fans sound off on the series finale, Part 2

HATED the finale. This entire season was not right. But that finale was just such a letdown. There was no reason to go out like that. —Mike

Loved watching this show on ION here in Pennsylvania USA. Tears flowed last night at the finale; will miss my Tuesday nights watching it. Had the perfect ending though, I must say sad but then the happy moment at the end! —Tina

Why can’ t we have shows with happy endings? Enough sadness in the world. —Patty

I’m so sad I could cry. I loved this show, looked forward to it every week. I wish you would have figured out a way to keep this show going. :( —Lillian

I loved this show. I was so upset with the ending. I think it was good how they did get Charlie to help out with giving other people a second chance but still, I think Alex and Charlie should have had that second chance too. I cried so hard when they said he died. It was like a part of my family had died. I hope somewhere down the way they somehow bring it back. It was a great show with a great cast. Going to miss it greatly. —Debbie

I wasn’t surprised you decided to end the show as you did, but I would have been happier for Charlie and Alex to just ride off into the sunset. I thought that they had put the two characters through enough and that once they finally got married they and their love would have finally come full circle. Maybe have a remake and change the ending to Charlie not dying. Those of us who have experienced so much of it in their lifetime it really is hard. Thank you for the five years!!!! —Lori

I loved this show but I was very upset when I realize Charlie would not survive. I wanted that so badly. With all they went through I was so hoping they would get their happy ever after. —Evelyn

I didn’t think I’d like Saving Hope when it first came on. But I saw the first episode again after I saw the second episode and I’ve been hooked for all five seasons. It was good when they came on in back-to-back episodes. The ending was great. Great show. I hope all the actors come back on TV sometime in the future. —Walter

I will miss this show very much, but I am glad that Charlie and Alex finally got married and I pray we will see more of all these actors and actresses! Blessings and favour over your careers! —Colleen

I enjoyed the show and sad to see it end. It is fitting that Alex and Charlie would be together in the end. —Randall


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