Comments and queries for the week of August 4

The fans say goodbye to Saving Hope

I have just found this show and have been binge watching it for five days now to only find out that this season, Season 5, is the end of the show!! Every time I find a show I truly love it goes off the air. I wish you were going to continue this show, I love it! Thank you, though, for what I have gotten to watch, the actors are great and I will greatly miss it! —Tammy

I wish Saving Hope would continue! The good ones always leave too soon. Hopefully, they get married and not one or both killed off! Love Charlie and Alex! —Marcy

Thanks for five loving years. Haven’t missed a single episode, some we watched twice and really enjoyed every one of them. Almost cried when Joel got blown up; that was a bummer. Thanks to all the cast for their superlative acting. I am not clear why Saving Hope was not renewed. The cast and crew were great and Michael, Erica and Huse Madhavji, Wendy and all. Hope somewhere in the near future we could see more of SAVING HOPE!!! —Jean

I’ve been trying to write this post for more than an hour, trying to say something 100 per cent nice, but not succeeding. It kept sounding like an underhanded compliment. So I’m just going to be honest and tell you how I feel. I loved the show, but I didn’t like Season 5 quite as much—which I’ve seen in its entirety. And when I say I LOVED the show, I mean I was part of the fan videos made for the cast before the show began, and watched all seasons from the beginning and sometimes had to go through a crazy international scramble to get copies of the show, and now I help run an 800-member Facebook group dedicated to Saving Hope. I’ve had that kind of commitment and love for this series, and a great deal of appreciation for all the heart cast and crew put into making this program. I often hear that it is better not to say anything unless you are going to say something nice. Alas, I believe in honest feedback. I wish it weren’t so, but I feel let down. —Solstice

Man, I love this show, the entire cast, the Canadian content, amazing acting and writing. Wendy Crewson especially blows me away. I will truly miss this show and characters (goes for guest stars like Missy Peregrym and others). Michael and Erica rock! Looking forward to more from these actors and producers. One of my favourite shows EVER! You did your audience and country proud with this one! —Gail

I am going to miss Saving Hope so much. Seeing my favourite stars of my TV show for the last five years has been such a joy. I absolutely love Michael and Erica and all of the Saving Hope guys and girls. I wish them all of the luck for the future and I hope to see them all again one day soon. xx —Jess

Thank you to all the actors, writers, and crew. Quite possibly my favourite show of all time, and the fact that it’s over will outweigh the heavy content of the finale for quite a while. —Hallie

Why do all the endings have to be like this now? Why can’t we have a happy ending to a great show? You just ruined five years of Saving Hope. This is why I don’t watch series. I made an exception and now I’m sad. I will stick to science-fiction from now on. Very dissatisfied and disappointed. —Crys

I did not like the ending at first but, overnight, I realized that it makes sense actually. It ended as it began. Charlie should have died in the first accident. The five years that he lived partly in both realms was a gift. A time for them to grow and have two children as the legacy of their love. —Ruth

As a Canadian, I couldn’t be more proud of this show. I am so very sad it’s really over. I certainly was disappointed and overwhelmed with emotions seeing Charlie’s death, but then very relieved that the very end brought him and Alex together again. It was a thing of beauty after all. I will miss it terribly. —Sheri


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2 thoughts on “Comments and queries for the week of August 4”

  1. Alex and Charlie spent seasons apart for entirely artificial reasons, so I really don’t feel like giving the creators any benefit of the doubt. This ending is a huge disappointment. If they wanted to close the circle: save Charlie but with the new major head wound he doesn’t see ghosts anymore.

    If they really needed to kill Charlie, then this whole season apart because Alex is cursed should have not happened, they should have had a year of happiness (and an actual planned pregnancy) then, sure, kill him on their wedding day because Alex really *is* cursed… and then *she* starts to see ghosts.

  2. Thank you Michael Shanks for once again giving us a character of such depth and complexity. Thanks for the stellar acting throughout 5 seasons and some awesome directing too. You brought out the best in everyone you came into contact with and I look forward to your next project with excitement as always.

    Thank you for some great shots of Toronto, one of my favourite cities and for a show that is truly Canadian. Having been privileged to watch some of it in the country (and city) of it’s origin whilst on vacation, I felt a part of Hope Zee although I come from England.

    I will watch many of my favourite episodes of Saving Hope over and over and always be grateful to Mr Shanks for being part of it and introducing me to some great characters and actors who were on this 5-year journey with him.

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