Orphan Black 509: Clone Club races to save Helena

Last week on Orphan Black, Clone Club suffered its most devastating loss of the series with the death of Mrs. S. In this week’s episode—the penultimate instalment of the series—things are also looking bleak for Sarah et al., as they discover that Helena has been abducted by P.T. Westmorland/John Mathieson in a last desperate bid to extend his life.

Here’s what Bell Media has to say about “One Fettered Slave,” written by Alex Levine and directed by David Frazee.

The sisters band together in a race against time, determined to find Helena before an unmasked, and unhinged John Mathieson lays hands on her babies.

And here is our spoiler-free peek at the episode.

Darkness abounds 
And not just because Clone Club is dealing with the loss of Mrs. S. This is Helena’s episode, and like all the previous clone-centric episodes this season, we learn a lot about her background through flashbacks. It’s pretty disturbing stuff.

Darkness abounds, Part 2
We chatted with Orphan Black writer Alex Levine about this episode (check it out after Saturday’s broadcast), and he said that he considered P.T. Westmorland and Virginia Coady to be the “joint grand villains” of the series. While P.T./John runs the horror show, it is hardcore eugenicist Virginia who actually gets the science—and its dirty details—done. This episode unmasks both villains in terrifying new ways.

There will be more than one death
That shouldn’t be a shock, seeing as it’s the penultimate episode. However, one death is especially chilling both because of the reason it happens and because of the person who does it.

All hands on deck
Clone Club is out in force to save Helena. Expect help from old trusted friends like Art and Scott—as well as from less-trusted sources.

We won’t say why, but that’s we shouted while viewing a shocking scene with Helena near the end of the episode.

Cliffhanger ending
This episode essentially serves as Part 1 of the series finale, so be prepared to be left in suspense.

The Orphan Black series finale airs next Saturday at 10 p.m. ET/7 p.m. PT on Space.

Image courtesy of Bell Media.