Comments and queries for the week of August 25

Loved [Saving Hope]. The ending was bittersweet and though it really stretched the tragedy, let face it, in real life there are few storybook endings. Very impressed with the entire cast, and Erica Durance’s work in the last episode showed a depth of emotion which was palpable. I found the shot of Charlie seeing her elderly hands as her kids were preparing for Alex’s passing, achingly painful. However, her meeting Charlie in the afterlife mirrors what I think we all hope for—we shed the years of age and earth bound sorrows to return to our best selves with those we love. The only thing that would have made it better was having not only Charlie but Alex’s mom, brother, Joel … her loved ones who arrived before she did, meeting her on the beach. —RR

Very disappointing to watch the last episode tonight. I cried not only for the way the show ended but I watched it on my wedding anniversary. I lost my husband almost four years ago and I also have a son and daughter. Hits so close to home. —Marsha

I truly loved this show and it breaks my heart that it’s over. Every single time there is a great show that becomes really popular it seems like someone or something has to either leave the show or the show is ended. I’m just going to stop watching TV altogether so I’m not disappointed all the time. —Melissa

So sad it;s over. Loved this show. —Sandy

I can’t believe this show is over. They need to keep it on. —Joanne

I think 19-2 is the finest Canadian drama ever produced. Period. Dan Petronijevic did a masterful job with an unsympathetic character—glad J.M. went out a hero, and his suffering ended. —Robert

The [Amazing Race Canada] two sign thing was a perfect trick! A task after both the Detour and Roadblock was a surprise and good Leg design. But you know it ran way later than production wanted. No self-driving this Leg. Little surprised nobody got the beer task. Kinda annoyed they made two of three international episodes non-elims but they foreshadowed it with the Mother Day’s thing. Though that means no more saves after this. Sympathy from another southpaw to Bert. Poor Korey, first his bladder then this uniform. —DanAmazing


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