Comments and queries for the week of August 18

Fans react to Saving Hope‘s series finale, Part 3

I hated the ending. I wanted to see the love they had for each other and, finally, have a long life together married. Instead, Charlie dies. I loved this show, please bring it back it was the best show on Tuesday nights to look forward to. All the good shows get taken off the air; not a good idea. Tuesday nights will never be the same. —Joann

This show had great potential but took some ridiculous/illogical (unrealistic) plot twists. The final episode—killing off Charlie—ruined the whole show and made everything that came before it hollow and a waste of time. This is not Shakespeare; movies/television of this type are escapism, and the last thing people want in a show like this is the permanent sense of disappointment associated with the show by ruining all the time and emotion invested in the previous episodes with a final, dreadful, tragic, unhappy ending, like in the show The Wonder Years. People deserve the happy ending in entertainment that they seldom get in life, and when they don’t get it, it is a betrayal. I did not see every episode and was fully prepared to buy the series on DVD. I won’t waste my time and money: if I want to experience the pain and disappointment every episode will be tainted with from now on by knowing the final outcome of the series, I can just experience it every day in real life. —R

Terrible ending. Why would anyone hope after that ending? Too many bad things happening to this couple and you end it by actually killing their lives together. Hope … I think not. Worst ending ever. Forget the reruns. —Gloria

Having to get up at 5 a.m. for work after watching Saving Hope til wee hours of the morning was tough but I couldn’t miss an episode. I was hoping that Charlie’s death was a dream and that he really didn’t die. I truly hope that the show’s creators come up with another show of this stellar quality. I am so sad that it had to end this way. Thanks to all for keeping us entertained. There is no other show out there that can touch it. —Kathleen

Great show … I will miss it. Very sad ending. Maybe it might come back with the child having the gift after the accident??? —Valerie


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  1. Loved this show. The ending was bittersweet and though it really stretched the tragedy, let face it, in real life there are few story book endings. Very impressed with the entire cast and Erica Durrance’s work in the last episode showed a depth of emotion which was palpable. I found the shot of Charlie seeing her elderly hands as her kids were preparing for Alex’s passing, achingly painful. However her meeting Charlie in the afterlife mirrors what I think we all hope for – we shed the years of age and earth bound sorrows to return to our best selves with those we love. Only thing that would have made it better – having not only Charlie, but Alex’s mom, brother, Joel – her loved ones who arrived before she did, meeting her on the beach.

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