Really Me in production for Family Channel

From a media release:


  • Fun, Spunky Reality Show-Within-a-Show Set to Premiere on Family Channel April 2011

Fresh TV, in association with Family Channel, announced today that production is underway for its new live-action situation comedy Really Me. Filming is taking place in Toronto. The first episode is set to air in April on Family Channel.

“Really Me is about the good, the bad and the ugly of being on reality TV, and shows just how crazy family life can get when the cameras are rolling 24/7,” said Tom McGillis, President, Fresh TV Inc. “We are very excited about our cast of industry veterans and rising stars.”

Really Me follows the life of 15-year-old Maddy (Sydney Imbeau: Marley & Me: The Puppy Years (post-production), Supernatural), the ordinary-turned-famous 9th grader who wins the ultimate contest of landing her own reality TV show for a year. Middle-child Maddy has been overshadowed her entire life by her gorgeous, popular older brother, Brody (Wesley Morgan: Unnatural History, Being Erica, Harriet the Spy: Blog Wars, Degrassi: the Next Generation), her super genius little brother, Clarke (Azer Greco: The Town Christmas Forgot), and her former NHL hockey star father, Ray (Neil Crone: Little Mosque, The Summit, Hollywoodland).

Things begin to look up once Maddy and her best friend, Julia (Kiana Madeira: Harriet the Spy: Blog Wars) suddenly become the stars of VTV’s brand new reality show. But Maddy quickly realizes that even though she’s the star, actually getting on the screen can be tough when you live with a family of scene-stealers.

Through a series of mishaps, drama and embarrassing moments, Maddy and Julia demonstrate the true meaning of friendship by staying real to themselves… and to each other. Despite the competition, no camera crew could ever have any negative effect on the love Maddy’s family has for each other, on or off the screen.

Really Me was developed by Fresh TV, in association with Family Channel. Executive producers are Tom McGillis, Jennifer Pertsch, Brian Irving and George Elliot. Associate Producer is Robin McLeod and the Producer is Manny Danelon.

Really Me is directed by Brian Roberts, who is also the creative producer. The Series Director of Photography is Gerald Packer and the Production Designer is Brian Verhoog.


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  1. this show needs to me more original and creative and its not even funny … oh and i saw the beach girl thing … u look like a faggot

  2. This show tries too hard. The characters aren’t natural. The show is less spunky, more irritating. I also noticed that the characters don’t blink very much.
    The characters overact. Also, Maddy’s character is self-conceited to the extreme. I am currently watching the “FaNemy”/hater episode. This show is terrible, and the characters are flanderized frequently.

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