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  1. GREAT IDEA….about time Global and Food started telling CANADAIN stories…. thanks Loblaw…. this is the best.

  2. Hi

    Thanks for the amazing opportunity to enter your Recipe to Riches contest
    I look forward to the opportunity to prepare one of my favorite recipes in the Entee catagory to present at the open casting call in Halifax at the Delta Halifax on February 5th 2011

    Lets get cookin’ ..

  3. Hi, I’m also (as the persons replying before me) very excited. However, you do not have a catagory for the yeast baking that I would love to enter my recipe in. They are whole grain rolls. Please reply to me.

  4. Particapating in this show and possibly winning$250,000 would proove im a worthy chef. I have been cooking since I was 10 and continue to exceed cooking DELICIOUS, homestyle and easy recipes that I know everyone will enjoy. Thats why I should be in this contest and promise delicious and easy results for all to enjoy in Canada as a Presidents choice product on store shelves.

  5. My product is called “Lunch ina Munch”. It is all four food groups in a savoury chicken/vegetable muffin. The emphasis is on local and/or organic ingredients. In the winter, the vegetables would just be organic. There are 3 varieties but the main idea is a small meal-sized savoury chicken muffin.
    I have a trademark on it, but haven’t sold it commercially.

  6. It’d be wonderful to have a chance to introduce a larger audience to my concept of a wholesome, and nutritious convenience food.

  7. One of my best childhood dessert memories is rum flavoured bread pudding. My recipe would create a slice of next morning pudding as hot French Toast.

  8. I would dearly love to share my “wholesome”deep dish chicken pot pie with the rest of Canada.My family and friends have raved about my cooking for years now.With their prodding I am throwing my chef’s hat into the ring.

  9. I have watch every episode of the show and I love it!i am hoping i could have the courage to enter my recipe.i have been cooking home food since i wasyoung.My recipe category snack,but i can also cook savoury pies

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