TV, eh? podcast episode 27 – The Beautiful Mountains With The Snow-Tipped Tips

Stacey Farber is Jessie Hill on 18 to LifeEpisode 27: Listen or download here or subscribe via iTunes or with any other program via the TV, Eh? feed

Not one but two interviews this week, with Stacey Farber of 18 to Life and Brandon Firla of Little Mosque on the Prairie. Both shows are currently airing on CBC and have new DVD releases.

Great news for Flashpoint – they get the plum post-Superbowl spot on CTV and got a new syndication deal with CBS and ION in the US.

Anthony and Diane discuss CBC ‘s “new” direction – will they get rid of Jeopardy and Wheel of Fortune? Should they? Will they become more of a public broadcaster or are they forced to operate like a private network?

Something CBC does right is getting their programs on iTunes and Netflix – you can already catch InSecurity on Netflix, for example.

LM 501-502 D3 SW 0035(1)Diane shares what she learned about what makes a 6/10 versus 10/10 Canadian Content show. Surprise: Being Human counts!

We discuss the Canadian Media Fund and our puzzlement over how television funding in Canada seems to be a disincentive to creating good or successful shows.

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  1. Yet another great podcast…entertaining as always. And just FYI and not to stomp on the roulette table analogy re: CMF funding process…YES the private networks can access the fund for 10pt Canadian productions (like Dan For Mayor and as opposed to 6pt shows) for up to 50% I believe of the cost/budget of the programming. The other 50% is raised via presales, distribution advances, producer/crew deferrals (sigh) and a license fee from the network which I believe has to be a minimum of 30% of the budget. So that amount is what the broadcaster contributes, as opposed to their shows getting paid for entirely. That said, it’s still a small price to pay for benefits and profits reaped from simulcasting US programs. And the ‘loss leader’ label still applies generally speaking to most Cancon.

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