New tonight: Dragons’ Den on CBC

An eco-friendly idea springs a few leaks; a health conscious couple hopes the Dragons become obsessed with their business; and a shipping container full of potential. Plus, a mother of five has a snappy idea.


5 thoughts on “New tonight: Dragons’ Den on CBC”

  1. have a great idea for a canadian business opportunity to present to dragons den that includes prototype created by local inventor in the ottawa valley. need an audition and time or place to present this invention . please if you are able to provide me the details to attain this I believe this could be the next best thing since the pool table.I may also be reached at 346 forest lea rd. k8a-6w6 pembroke on. and 613 732-4985. this is a fantastic invention It truly gives proof to the spirit of the canadian culture.

  2. Yeah if anyone has any info on how a guy can get on that program please call me too. I’ve got a patent on this great summertime game! Basically, you take a couple hoola-hoops and lay ’em in the grass. Then you stand back and try to lob these metal dart-thingys into the hoops. I call the game “Grass Pikes”

  3. Im sure it is a great invention. We need more new games to play to ull us away from all these electronics. I hoe this guy gets his break!

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