TV, eh? podcast episode 30: Some InSecurity Over a Bad Tattoo

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InSecurityNatalie Lisinska and Richard Yearwood of InSecurity are our guests this week, chatting about the show and Diane’s shoe size.

First we go over CBC’s recently announced renewals and apparent cancellations, Endgame‘s March 14 premiere, and Call Me Fitz‘s US pickup.

What does the shakeup at CTV mean? We have no idea, but talk about it anyway.

And we discuss the place of the TV critic versus episode recapper versus fanboy in relation to Slate’s much-discussed-among-critics piece.

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2 thoughts on “TV, eh? podcast episode 30: Some InSecurity Over a Bad Tattoo”

  1. Could you please allow this InSecurity story to move lower on your start up page? It’s depressing to visit your site and continually see this unfunny comedy as the lead item.

  2. How much will you offer me to have creative control over my site? :P It’ll move off when the next podcast goes up on Tuesday, as always.

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