Endgame’s barefoot detective and lone antagonist

From Bill Brioux of the Toronto Star:

  • Endgame: The barefoot detective
    TV is full of crime solvers with a twist. The Mentalist has a sixth sense about a suspect. Lie to Me’s expert knows how to spot a fib on a face. Castle can read a crime scene like a book. Even House is basically Sherlock Holmes with a scalpel. So why not a Russian chess master as a savvy detective? Read more.
  • ‘Coach Tanaka’ is back
    “I’m sort of his only antagonist,” says Gallagher, interviewed earlier this year on the set of the series. “All the others are little sycophants — (In a mocking voice) ‘Mr. Balagan! Mr. Balagan!’ — which is nice because it gives us a different dynamic.” Read more.
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