TV, eh? podcast episode 34 – What Scaredy Squirrel is Afraid Of

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Our guests this week are Shawn Doyle and Patrick Gallagher of Endgame who discuss their developing bromance, some surprising (and very possibly untrue) spoilers about sex and space battles, and the need for a Republic of Gallagher show.

First Anthony and Diane make a bit of a PSA to donate to a disaster relief agency in the wake of the Japanese earthquake … but make it an unrestricted donation. (CBC has a list of charities here.)

We also go through a roundup of spring shows airing now or coming up.

Jason Priestley is going to be guest starring and directing Haven next season and Anthony is thrilled to pieces.

And we talk endlessly about Scaredly Squirrel, not letting the fact that we hadn’t heard of it before get in the way but waxing nostalgic about the cartoons of our youth.

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