TV, eh? podcast episode 36 – The Hot Combat Sexy Doctors Hospital Zone

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We dedicate the episode to Roger Abbott of Air Farce, who died Saturday of leukemia. (Listen to his appearance on the podcast with Bill Brioux and Chris Haddock.)

SydneyOur guest this week is Sidney Imbeau, the star of Family Channel’s new show Really Me.

We’re in the midst of CBC’s finale week as hockey playoffs take over the schedule soon. Say goodbye forever to 18 to Life, and goodbye for now to everything else.

Premiering in June are Rookie Blue and The Hot Zone [working title of what used to be Combat Hospital (working title)].

King premieres April 17 with a media release designed to make Diane’s blood pressure rise.

The Listener moves to Fridays to punish it for being successful on Tuesdays.

Like the Energizer bunny, Degrassi keeps going, in production for season 11 now.

We lament the fact that Rick Mercer Report and 22 Minutes are off the air now that an election is looming, and call for the government to pass a bill that they must return.

And April is the new September, with new shows premiering to fill the spring months.

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