New tonight: That’s So Weird on YTV – “Bollywood” season finale

From the executive producer:

Season Finale of That’s So Weird on YTV at 6:30 PM Eastern. While aimed at a youth audience, maybe you should see the show Andrew Ryan of the Globe and Mail calls “The best comedy on Canadian TV right now.” The show is made by Halifax Film, the maker of This Hour Has 22 Minutes. The program is a hybrid of sketch and sitcom in the tradition of SCTV, where a group of young people run a TV network. The show consists of the programs and commercials they “make” for broadcast.

IMG 0511

In the season finale the gang at So Weird TV attempt to be aired in India by producing their own Bollywood song and dance. Perpetual wall flower Kayla tries to get James’ attention away from Hannah, by getting up close and personal with him in the song. In the sketches Logan and Wilf express their disappointment with the lack of action in The Sound of Music, The Space Thunder ship encounters ‘Derth Varder’, insane Italian Talk Show Telebonjourno faces a crisis, and a sandwich left in a school locker becomes a monster.

That’s So Weird stars Alana Johnston, AJ Vaage, Kayla Lorette, James Hartnett, Alex Spencer, Joey Lucius, and Hannah Hogan. The show received 3 Gemini nominations in 2010 for Best Youth Show, Best Writing on a Youth Show and best performance on a Youth Show for Kayla Lorette. The show has been sold to networks all over the world.

The show is taped in Halifax Nova Scotia, with portions recorded before a live audience.