New tonight: The Cupcake Girls on W Network – season premiere


Best friends Heather White and Lori Joyce are back with their deliciously dramatic, hilarious journey on the road to total cupcake domination. Now that they’ve lifted their “no boyfriends, no babies” policy, their personal lives will make their work lives more hectic than ever before. Lori takes a two-day maternity leave before returning to work, but the new responsibility of motherhood will keep her just as distracted as Heather’s new love interest keeps her. Heather’s father, Brian, returns as Senior VP of Facilities Management and gets more deeply involved in the business. New characters in the mix this season include the new pastry chef, a Gordon Ramsey wannabe, who cooks up new flavors for a man-friendly cupcake line, and an uber-designer who takes charge in refreshing the brand but whose working style divides Heather and Lori like never before. With new franchises, new faces and some unexpected complications, we’ll get a humourous, in depth look at how Lori and Heather juggle their personal and business life, a road that is at times very bumpy but hopefully, in the end, also very sweet. Season 2 of The Cupcake Girls premieres Wednesday, April 6 at 9 p.m. with back-to-back episodes.


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  1. Hello, I have been relocted from Torono to thunder Bay. I would very much like to bring a cup cake girl franchise here. I think it would do very well. I am very excited and hope that you get back to me soon?

    Thank you,
    Adriane Gurtner 807-767-0152

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