New tonight: Canadian Pickers on History Television – series premiere

Tuesdays at 10pm ET/PT beginning April 12


Canadian Pickers follows two highly-skilled pickers – Sheldon Smithens, an antiques dealer, auctioneer and appraiser by trade, and his partner Scott Cozens, a full-time lawyer and life-long picker – as they rummage through old barns, messy yards and abandoned attics in search of objects with historical, collectible and pop culture value. Sheldon and Scott scour towns across Canada in search of ‘rusty gold’ – an assortment of wonderful objects that many people think is just useless junk. Each pick explores the history and stories behind these objects – from a hand-painted Depression-era circus poster and a massive butcher block table in Ontario, to vintage Charlottetown theatre seats – and introduces a variety of captivating people from all across Canada with fascinating stories to share.


49 thoughts on “New tonight: Canadian Pickers on History Television – series premiere”

  1. i watched the show tonight and i noticed the jacket that Sheldon was wearing. i believe i have the mits/gloves that go with that. anyway to take a pic of them and send it to you?

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  2. Saw the show tonight and was not impressed. Try bringing your own creations to the show. You are not American Pickers so quit doing what they do

  3. I watched Canadian Pickers for the first time and thoroughly disappointed and bored with the 2 gentlemen that are doing the buying. I love American Pickers and watch it all the time but if you don’t change the boring gentlemen on Canadian Pickers I will stop watching it. I was looking so forward to the show coming on but once I watched 1/2 of the show I turned it off. BORING!


    1. Wow! I can’t believe they didn’t choose you to do the show! With your self-professed supremacy, condescending arrogance and overall smugness I would have thought that you would be perfect for primetime. A real people’s guy that the public could identify with!

  5. I have been a military picker for years and just got back from Florida where I found a lot of stuff…while down there I watched American pickers which I enjoyed and when I got back here I saw the Canadian pickers…I enjoyed it even more…congratulations hope the show is a winner…there was a show in England that gave 2 teams 300 lbs each and turned them lose to buy antiques then they auctioned them off and to see who made the most money…you should do that with your 2 guys against Michael who posted on April 19 saying how good he was ….keep up the good work

  6. I am personally not a picker, but do enjoy antiques. I am really dissapointed with Caniadian Pickers. I find the 2 ‘pickers’ to be rude and unlikeable unlike the American Picker dudes. They seem to be rude to the people and it seems as if they really low-ball people. Thats my opinion.

    1. IrishClover8, I totally agree! I find the Canadian Pickers to be disrespectful to the people they meet and pick from. In particular, it’s Scott (the guy with the long hair) that’s bad. The other guy is fine. Scott makes such ignorant comments to the people whose homes and properties he visits that if he ever came to my house and talked to me like that, his butt would be out the door so fast, he wouldn’t know what hit him. The American Pickers in contrast seem to be such great guys that the’d be welcome to stay for dinner!

  7. I watched the show a couple of times now. CHANGE THE PICKER’S. The show has potential, but not with these two!

  8. give us s break… worst show ever …could not finish viewing 1st episode … can’t hold a candle to American Pickers…. drop the show

  9. These guys are pathetic. Anyone who understands business knows that the way they are doing things ( traveling all over Canada)knows there’s no way that both men can earn a living and pay theirroad and business expenses. And it’s a stretch to believe that the junk they buy is truly worth anything. We only see them trying to buy this crap. It would be even more interesting to see them try to flog it.

  10. I just watched your show when you was in Prince Edward Island. I seen you buy a dive helment. Please contact me if you still have for sale. Please confirm it is not a reproduction. Thanks. I enjoy the show.

  11. hey these guys going to peoples places knowing the value of there stuf and ofering them 5bucks rip off

  12. this show sucks i mean its nothing compared to pawn stars thare pickers and thats what thay do pick up crap!!

  13. I, the just love the Canadian antique pickers show pei is soooooooooooo beautful as t Sheldon and Scott drive the 70 mile Coastal yard sale in eastern pei.This show is way better than the american antique picker show!NHats off to the Anchors Aways episode #4 in Pei

  14. I, the just love the Canadian antique pickers show pei is soooooooooooo beautful as t Sheldon and Scott drive the 70 mile Coastal yard sale in eastern pei.This show is way better than the american antique picker show!Hats off to the Anchors Aways episode #4 in Pei

  15. For the PEI show – “Only I could get lost on an Island with one road on it.” – What an insult to Islanders. I live in the area of the 70Mile Yard Sale in eastern PEI and several others have agreed with me. These pickers’ attitudes need to change a lot if they want to keep this show running.

  16. This show is garbage, why can’t we just watch the real show? No we gotta watch some Canadian crap rammed down our throat.

  17. What a disgrace to watch these two try to copy American Pickers. Exact duplication including the bought and sold for calculations. Stop embarassing us real Canadians dump this as fast as possible and bring back AMERICAN PICKERS

  18. To all you out there who do not enjoy the show Canadian Pickers, are your fingers glued to the remote?. stop whining and watch Oprah. these guys are doing a great job. Maybe you should try doing a reality show then you would appreciate the hard work they put into this.

  19. How quintessentially Canadian to want to copy any successful American television production, to add an unappealing cast, and pass it off as home-grown! Lets face it, this show is simply a CHEESY version of American Pickers!
    What’s next CANADIAN PAWN STARS?

  20. I’d just like to say that they don’t represent the average born and raised Calgarian or Albertan for that matter. They try and dress like us but come off as Torontonians instead. Come on guys.

  21. First of all, I LIKE the Canadian show BECAUSE it IS CANADIAN…and I like the two stars because they honestly admit they are out to make a buck. Those people that allow the stars to ‘pick’ over their stuff OBVIOUSLY know that they are also on T.V. and there is a certain amount of (FREE ?) advertising on T.V for their collection of ‘stuff’.(I assume that they ALL also get a stipend for being in FRONT of the camera). Whether the two stars actually make a profit on their ‘picks’ may be somewhat moot at this point, but I assume we shall see something of this in the near future. As to the many and varied collections of items that are picked over, I am ALWAYS interested in the variety and condition of these items, (although I am neither a ‘collector’ or ‘picker’ myself). I’m just an old guy who watches with interest some ‘Canadian Reality’ without hearing 99% of those poorly-dressed contestants scream off-key a ‘song’ with sprinkled with curse-words or throw themselves about the stage in a poor adaption of St. Vitis Dance.
    Good going guys, Dress the way you want; be comfortable in what you do and lets see MORE of Canadian ‘stuff’.

  22. Hi guys,

    You have a great show and I am enjoying to watch it very much. In the episode “Advature Capital” and your visit to Lynn, you are showing a Gum Ball machine togheter with a text reding: Vending machines appered in the U.S. in 1888 when the Thomas Adams Gum Ball Company installed Tutti Fruti gum machines on subway platform in New York City.
    The only problem with this is that the first New York City subway started to operate in 1904. Maybe you meant the Elevated railway or street cars who operated much earlier in New York City?
    I also loved your black and white picture with the train and the soldier you find at Bernard “ghost house”. It is a great house the couple has.

    Take care,


  23. I couldn’t believe the things that appear on the show! My family use to have and play with some of the things we see on the show. If people think that the show copies American Pickers they shouldn’t be watching the show! I’m Canadian though and though and I just love the things I see on the show. Thank you.

  24. I really enjoy the Canadian Pickers. I see things that I havn’t seen in years. Sometimes it’t shocking to see what these things are worth. But, the people who think the show is a cheap copy of the American Pickers they should find a test pattern to watch. Thank you for the show!

  25. Most of you guys are idiots!!! American pickers is actually produced by a Canadian company who also does Canadian pickers. And you wonder why they are similar lol.?

  26. Recentley you aired a show where you purchased a whole bunch of carvings from a Native Indian about Humming Birds. My wife has a collection of Hummers and there was a round one ttat took my eye. Do you still have and is it for sale

  27. Love to watch American Pickers and when I heard there was to be a Canadian version,I was very excited! I was hoping that we Canadians would have a similar show to be proud of. It didn’t happen. Yes,of course they take us to amazing and interesting places,but the fellow with the long hair I find is very rude. Whenever anyone comes back with a halfway normal price he tends to try to make them look foolish and says they are crazy. No respect whatsoever,and then once they get a great price,they tell us how much they just “soaked” the people they bought from. Not classy.
    I agree,you need to replace the pickers on Canadian Pickers.

  28. I stopped watching the show ’cause that Scott clown is so rude. I’d kick his ass if he showed up at my door.

  29. The scenery is nice, but this show sucks. The unadulterated greed of that long haired guy is galling. He low balls everyone and then sticks out his greasy palm trying to close the deal. Then he gets indignant if when sellers stick to the guys to avoid being ripped off. Of course like American pickers, it’s all staged. No one could even cover their overhead buying as little stuff as these guys seem to.

  30. Two fake cowboys from Alberta. That fat guy with the long hair is especially annoying. This crummy show makes the rest of the junk on TV seem almost ok. Think I’ll read a book instead.

  31. watched the show last night. Scott needs to stop swearing. There are people , like me, that are offended by that. Please stop swearing so I can watch the show. thank you Onno

  32. The complete idiot with the fake smile and long hair could use an ego reducing drug. He is arrogant, and a smart alec
    He treats his co-star like trash.

  33. I also agree I’m shocked it has lasted so long he’s probably not even from Canada seeing how he try’s so hard to be a Canadian but looks like an idiot , I find him insulting to myself and all Canadians as we are not losers like him at all

  34. I dont mind so much a copy of the American show , I just wish these guys were as cool as the Americans . The rest of the country just isnt digging the cheesy buckskin and cowboy hat crap. Sorry but they dress like idiots and Scott is a douchebag. He rubs everyone the wrong way. Why arent they finding cool stuff like old Harleys and classic cars like Mike and Frank ?

  35. A Pickers Life isn’t staged ,the appointments are made ,they search whats in front of them .The Country has been picked by Antiques Dealers 50 years before Picker shows came along .Its just now ,some people are down-sizing ,this is when hoards-massive collections come available…….Great Show….Keep Blazing Trails .

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