Befriend and Betray premieres April 30 on Showcase

From a media release:


  • Showcase Canadian Original Befriend and Betray premieres Saturday, April 30 at 8pm ET/PT and repeats Sunday, May 1 at 7pm ET/PT


Based on the true story of notorious Canadian undercover agent, Alex Caine, Befriend and Betray tells the story of one man’s re-birth as an infiltrator – and his struggle not to lose his identity or his life along the way. Starring Tim Rozon (Flashpoint; Instant Star) as Alex Caine and Byron Mann (Durham County; Dragon Boys) as P.C. Lau, Befriend and Betray is inspired by the autobiography of the same name. The two-hour Showcase television event premieres on Saturday, April 30 at 8pm ET/PT.

Growing up on the mean streets of Montreal, 30-year-old Alex Caine (Rozon) has a lifetime’s worth of experience. He’s been through every institutional system; from foster care, to the military, to prison. Now, he meets his most dangerous challenge as he goes undercover as an organized crime infiltrator.

Caine’s first assignment reunites him with his old prison friend P.C. Lau (Mann), a ruthlessly ambitious soldier from the Kam Tin Triad who approaches Caine with a business proposition that he can’t refuse. Living a double life, Caine risks losing his girlfriend Melanie (Christine Horne) and P.C.’s trust.


3 thoughts on “Befriend and Betray premieres April 30 on Showcase”

  1. “Showcase Canadian Original Befriend and Betray premieres Saturday, April 30 at 8pm ET/PT”
    This looks like another Shaw scheduling oddity. According to the Zap2it listings, not to mention Showcase’s own schedule on its website, this is actually premiering at 2:00 in the afternoon that same day.

  2. loved the show’s premier last weekend, does it have a regularly scheduled time?

    Also wondered where it was shot & produced?
    Canadian or American?

  3. Hart, this doesn’t appear to be a regular series. Various things point to this being a pilot movie that hasn’t gotten a series commitment yet.

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