Call Me Fitz drives into the US

From Ginia Bellafante of the New York Times:

  • King of Front-Wheel Drive and Back-Seat Romps
    A Canadian series that became enormously popular in its home country, “Call Me Fitz” will be shown here on DirecTV (beginning Thursday), which is a shame because satellite television is hardly a chicken-in-every-pot delivery system. DirecTV’s Channel 101, where the series will appear, has become a tempting little minx begging us away from cable. It had the fourth and fifth seasons of “Friday Night Lights” before they appeared on NBC, and it signed on to provide a home to the legal thriller “Damages” last year, after the series was foolishly dropped by FX. With “Call Me Fitz,” DirecTV continues to demonstrate its sharp instincts. Read more.
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