Dan For Mayor episode 1 & 2 review

From R. Lackie of The Signal:

  • Dan For Mayor, “A Rink by Any Other Name” and “The Trash Compact” (2.01/2.02)
    Though Dan For Mayor is still about as funny as it was last year (which is, sad to say, not very much), it’s improved very much in another sense: the show is finally as charming as its lead actor. Fred Ewanuick was always winning as Dan, even when the writing made him a purposeless doofus, but we never had a significant reason to root for him. While running for mayor, he never really wanted it, and was completely unqualified, so his journey was not something I wanted to watch. His lack of self awareness also bugged, because he doesn’t work as a Michael Scott-type character. Read more.

4 thoughts on “Dan For Mayor episode 1 & 2 review”

  1. I agree with this review, the show is less funny than first season. A mayor always in a bar is weird, Fern is useless and I miss the 2 Vargas.

    They reduced the cast, but Im sure the writing staff too.

  2. They actually added to the writing staff this year – last year it was the 3 cocreators writing it all. I haven’t had a chance to watch yet this season.

  3. hummm ok, so bad theory for explain whats wrong this year… anyway thanks for the info

  4. I agree that the first, and maybe second, episode was nowhere as good. The Fern character is better written this time around, IMO. Last season, for me, was all about the love angle pursuit more than the mayoral race; this didn’t play out in comparison to Murdoch Mysteries’ quality return. The last (3rd?) appears to have righted DfM’s ship.
    The flip side is how very improved Hiccups is. At season’s start I thought the two sitcoms may have traded writing and direction teams?

    p.s. (Wow, I wish the Inspector had actually struck Murdoch in the season opener! That oddly drab return episode needed a bit of “punch”. Everything else is top notch & improved again – over my comment criticism of season three’s tone).

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