New tonight: Rookie Blue on Global – “Butterflies”

In this first episode of season 2, Andy McNally’s world explodes when an unsuspecting university student is caught in the crossfire during a random concert shooting. McNally sets out to unravel the motive and track down the shooter, putting her in direct conflict with Division 15’s new detective, Jo Rosati (Camille Sullivan). Meanwhile, as Rosati investigates her own angle on the concert mayhem, sparks fly between her and her former partner, Detective Luke Callaghan.



8 thoughts on “New tonight: Rookie Blue on Global – “Butterflies””

      1. Yeah, the cable channel Mystery TV is (at least this week) airing both Combat Hospital and Rookie Blue 12 hours earlier than the Global/ABC broadcasts.

        1. It’s every week Im sure, Mystery still do that with XIII since the start of the series.

          Sorry I can’t spoil, but the beginning of the episode have everything RB do best : Sexy, funny and a real intense/action scene.

          1. I figured it was going to be every week, but I wasn’t going to say so without knowing for sure.

  1. Wow. That was quite a good episode. Much better than any of the (three) eps I saw from last season.

    Glad to see Camille Sullivan join the cast. She was terrific in Intelligence and Shattered and looks to be the same here.

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