Review: Almost Heroes episode “Terry and Peter vs. A Living Wage”

From R. Lackie of The Signal:

  • Almost Heroes, “Terry and Peter vs. A Living Wage” (1.04)
    Nothing in “A Living Wage” was necessarily bad, but it didn’t quite reach the heights of last week’s “Girls”, nor did it reach my hopes for when I heard the premise. Terry encountering all of the little things Peter knows about the store and comic book culture could have been a strong, joke-filled and character-based plot, and it would have been hilarious to see Peter slowly crumbling over the sheer number of small things he didn’t even know Peter was responsible for. That’s what the plot seemed to be going for, but ultimately it all came down to some creepy kids and an annoying delivery man, neither of which were particularly funny. There was so much unused potential, and it could have done some work in showing why Peter, annoying as he is, is crucial to the store’s success for more reasons than he’s irreparably messed up the store’s sorting bins. Read more.