Flashpoint premiere gets 1.4 milllion viewers

From a media release:

CTV’s FLASHPOINT Season 4 Premiere Wins the Night With 1.4 Million Viewers

  • Team One Survives Scare as FLASHPOINT Season 4 Premiere Wins the Night With 1.4 Million Viewers on CTV
  • Season premiere wins the night with total viewers and the key demos

The Season 4 premiere and cliff-hanger resolution of FLASHPOINT on CTV was the most-watched program overall on Canadian television Friday night with 1.4 million viewers. Up 27% among A18-34 from its Season 3 premiere, the brand-new episode also won the night with the key demos A18-34, A18-49, and A25-54. FLASHPOINT was the top entertainment program of the day in Toronto and Vancouver, and saw increases compared to its Season 3 premiere in both markets with A18-49 and A25-54. In Vancouver alone, FLASHPOINT increased by double and triple digits.

In the riveting season premiere, Ed survives (five gun shots!), his baby is delivered, Sam and Jules push the boundaries of their relationship, and Team One is put on probation by Dr. Toth (Victor Garber). The episode is now available on the CTV Video Player at CTV.ca.

In the U.S. the premiere attracted 6.23 millions viewers for CBS, making it the most-watched program in its hour with A18-49 and A25-54. The episode was also up 50% with A18-49 and 31% with A25-54 compared to its last original episode.*

In next week’s new episode of FLASHOINT entitled “Good Cop” (Friday, July 15 at 8 p.m. ET on CTV), Team One is called to escort officer Bill Greeley (Max Martini, CASTLE) from the court house after he’s found innocent in the shooting of Luc Buteau (Ashley Brown), an unarmed black student. The crowd of angry protesters, led by Luc’s father Jean Paul (Julian D. Christopher, HUMAN TARGET), becomes a full-fledged riot under the sway of violent Black Bloc Anarchists targeting the police. During the melee, Greeley is abducted and Team One must race to rescue him from a vengeful and unexpected assailant.


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  1. Black Bloc LOL. Wonder where they’re getting that from.

    (Sigh)Anyway, I just wish these characters (and Rookie Blue’s) were referred to as Constables.

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