New tonight: Combat Hospital on Global – “Wrong Place at the Right Time”

Benjamin Ayres (Dan For Mayor, The Vampire Diaries), Darryl Hinds (Little Mosque on the Prairie) and Jim Codrington (‘Da Kink in my Hair) Guest Star

When neurosurgeon Dr. Simon Hill’s unauthorized helicopter ride turns into a rescue mission under fire, Rebecca has to do emergency brain surgery in his place. Meanwhile, Bobby and Pedersen evaluate a high-ranking U.S. Air Force officer experiencing insomnia.


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Diane Wild

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One thought on “New tonight: Combat Hospital on Global – “Wrong Place at the Right Time””

  1. It was the last one for me.
    I like the atmosphere (pictures and jet sound) but there is no storyline and no characters background, so I don’t like any character and the stand alone medical story boring me.

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