New tonight: XIII on Showcase – “Revelation” season finale

XIII “Revelation”

Gerhardt (Tom Berenger) has stolen the information weapon from XIII (Stuart Townsend) and is bent on using it to undermine world powers to his benefit. XIII and Jones (Aisha Tyler) enlist Dillon (Aaron Ashmore) to help them track Gerhardt’s operations leading them to Paris. Gerhardt has assembled layers of protection that XIII must fight through to uncover his location. After XIII tracks down Gerhardt in a hide-speed chase through Paris, the fate of the information weapon, XIII’s life and the future of society hang in the balance.



2 thoughts on “New tonight: XIII on Showcase – “Revelation” season finale”

  1. Ditto.

    Only complaint I have with the show is…

    What’s with all these ‘trained’ teams coming in one door, or one side of an alley? Cheesy much? Get some better military protocol advisers…

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