TV, eh? podcast episode 51 – “The Papillon Effect”

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fp-gallery 0126(1)There’s 2 big interviews this week: Diane talks to David Paetkau of Flashpoint, and Anthony chats with former Kid in the Hall Kevin McDonald of Bite TV’s Papillon.

In between, there’s some news about Lost Girl getting 22 episodes this season, Being Human shooting season two, and Flashpoint’s ratings.

Plus, the CRTC is delaying CBC’s license hearing which can’t be good news. And some Canadians are going to be CBC-less after the digital transition.

There’s also 2 giveaways:

  1. Comment on this post for a chance to win an Expedition Impossible tshirt provided by CTV.
  2. Get the most Rts for @tv_eh on Twitter this week for a chance to win a CBC Radio 3 CD.

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