5 thoughts on “Flashpoint’s US fate uncertain”

  1. Not a surprise, CBS aleady announced the second half of season 4 will air on ION Television this fall.

  2. Yeah, though keep in mind Tassler said that last year too before picking it up. Depends how cheap it is and what they’ve got on their plate. Since CTV is going ahead with it anyway, CBS or ION might pick up the next season at some point, or they might not. In any case: fate in the US uncertain. I wouldn’t bet my life savings on it though.

  3. Part of me hopes they do stop airing it on the main network, if only because I’d like the show to be freer to be Canadian in its dialogue and settings. I noticed such a difference in The Listener when NBC stopped airing it in the US and that was a good thing. But then again I guess it would mean Flashpoint’s budget would take a hit.

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