New tonight: Flashpoint on CTV – “The Better Man”

As Team One prepares to join a massive city-wide drug bust led by Detective Warren Naismith (Matthew Bennett, BATTLESTAR GALACTICA), Ed (Hugh Dillon) discovers Wordy (Michael Cram) is keeping a secret that could jeopardize his career. But when target number one, Gil Hudson (Ian Alden, G-SPOT), escapes with his girlfriend Leila (Shanly Trinidad, RELIC HUNTER), Team One realizes Naismith has compromised his own operation. Wordy puts his life on the line to save Naismith, but not without tragic consequences.

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4 thoughts on “New tonight: Flashpoint on CTV – “The Better Man””

  1. Come on 7:00 need my Flashpoint fix. I know it is going to be a good one tonight.

  2. I just watched the July 29 episode last night. OMG Ed and Wordy in action are the best!! My fave scene!

  3. Morning. I am disappointed that they bring in a new man on Flashpoint I though the 1 that they had fit the team I am not a biggett but the Afacen Amreican just can’t cut it you know know the man played as Ray in Csi fits the team nicely & the man in the show Corusco was well too any way if they put him in I will stop watching the show it dosnt need too have my eyes. Mimi Rubinelli

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