New tonight: Canada Sings on Global

image002(1)See who judges Jann Arden, Pierre Bouvier and Rob Van Winkle (AKA Vanilla Ice) choose as the winner in this week’s competition. With the help of seasoned entertainment industry pros, The Toronto Fire Department (The Sound of Fire) battles it out against Just Energy (Just Energetics) in hopes of winning a cash prize for their favourite charity.


2 thoughts on “New tonight: Canada Sings on Global”

  1. Musical shows of any kind aren’t my typical cuppa, but Canada Sings’ premise of “Getting Glee-y for local charity” has won me over entirely. Feel good t.v.

    That said, really, were there any serious doubts about tonight’s results? Hot stuff. ;-)

  2. I think this show is absolutely the greatest—what they can do with a group of people in 5 days is smazing—-Love the Air Canada Airborne 11—they were super.
    Also watched the Hamilton Police force–another great job. !!!!

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