TV, eh? podcast episode 56: The Throwdown Showdown

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This week we have the ultimate CanCon tournament: 32 shows go head-to-head in the TV, eh? Throwndown Showdown to see which will emerge the victor. Vote in the first round here, and check back next week to vote on the 16 remaining series … until one show wins the title of Best Canadian (Scripted) Show Ever That’s Been On For More Than a Season.

But first, Anthony and I talk about the latest news, including:

And some big discussion pieces that we discuss not-biggishly:

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11 thoughts on “TV, eh? podcast episode 56: The Throwdown Showdown”

  1. I have one frustration with this poll. It requires an answer for every question, which means only those who have seen everything – or are willing to vote in races they don’t have a valid opinion on in order to get their meaningful votes in – can complete it.

    Not sure what the fix is, but in case y’all decided not to vote, I figured somebody ought to mention it. :)

  2. Thanks – I know it’s an imperfect solution but I want to, as best I can, weed out votes from people who don’t know a lot of Canadian TV shows so it comes closest to representing the best, not just the most popular (which would end up being one that has aired in the US).

  3. Aw, so not fair putting Durham County and Flashpoint up against Mr. Dressup and The Friendly Giant. Sorry, Hugh Dillon! Maybe next time! Regardless, that was fun. I look forward to seeing how this plays out.

    I added Twitch City to my ballot, but forgot to add Made in Canada.

  4. I know, I think the killer choices are the ones that pit nostalgia against current-day faves! All random. But you can blame Anthony anyway.

  5. I almost wrote in ReGenesis but decided to write in You Can’t Do That on Television, which I couldn’t believe wasn’t on the list.

    I would’ve liked to write in Charlie Jade, but it was only one season (sigh).

  6. Diane, I can’t believe you are unaware of ReBoot! No fair calling Anthony immature for watching cartoons — all cartoons started life as entertainment for adults (e.g. Betty Boop!) and ReBoot had lots going on. It was very much a product of the 90s though; not sure if it would survive without being cringe-worthy now.

  7. The depth of my ignorance of TV cartoons would shock you :) I love many an animated movie but I will take any opportunity to mock Anthony, whether it’s justified or not.

  8. seeing Friendly Giant and Littlest Hobo listed makes me nostalgic – used to watch both when I was a kid in the 60s and we still lived in way northern NY and got the CBC feed on tv. Littlest Hobo made me fall in love with German Shepherds, but thanks to Due South I now have 2 Siberian Huskies. and yes, one IS named Diefenbaker. the other is Daisy, for now (just got her), tho that might change if I decide something else suits her better.

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