TV, eh?’s Gemini predictions


In the latest podcast, Anthony and Diane debate who will win and who they want to win on tonight’s Gemini telecast. Here’s a summary of our predictions:

Best Comedy
22 Minutes, Call Me Fitz, Good Dog, Halifax Comedy Fest 2010, Living in Your Car, Rick Mercer Report
Will Win: Diane predicts Call Me Fitz, and Anthony agrees. Shocking!
Want to Win: Diane really, really wants Call Me Fitz to win, and Anthony reluctantly does too because it’s the only show where he watched a full season.

Best Drama
The Borgias, Endgame, Flashpoint, Skins, The Tudors
Will Win: “These are apparently Canadian, are they?” says Anthony. “This list makes me depressed about the state of Canadian television,” says Diane. She thinks The Borgias will win and he agrees.
Want to Win: Diane says “anything but a minority coproduction” before picking Endgame over Flashpoint (the only two truly Canadian shows in the bunch) just for the novelty factor. Anthony says “My honest answer: I don’t care.” He chooses Endgame in case a win would help it stick around and another actual Canadian drama would remain on the air.

Best Actor in a Comedy
Peter Keleghan of 18 to Life, Chris Leavins of Todd and the Book of Pure Evil, Jason Priestley of Call Me Fitz, John Ralston of Living in Your Car
Will Win: Diane says “it’s gotta be Jason Priestley” and Anthony thinks he’ll win too.
Want to Win: Diane wants Jason Priestley … to WIN that is … while Anthony is picking Chris Leavins because he wants a winner from Todd and the Book of Pure Evil, just for the show title.

Best Actor in a Drama
Enrico Colantoni of Flashpoint, Hugh Dillon of Durham County, Callum Keith Rennie of Shattered, Michael Riley of Being Erica, Sam Witwer of Being Human
Will Win: Diane predicts Enrico Colantoni for the win and Anthony can see that happening. Which I guess is a decision.
Want to Win: Diane wants Callum Keith Rennie because he’s Callum Keith Rennie. Anthony wants him to win, too.

Best Actress in a Comedy
Angela Asher of 18 to Life, Tracy Dawson of Call Me Fitz, Grace Lynn Kung of InSecurity, Brooke Nevin of Call Me Fitz
Will Win: Diane picks Tracy Dawson and Anthony agrees.
Want to Win: Diane goes for Tracy Dawson here too. Anthony goes with Brooke Nevin to split the Call Me Fitz decision.

Best Actress in a Drama
Erin Karpluk of Being Erica, Carmen Moore of Blackstone, Krystin Pellerin of Republic of Doyle, Lauren Lee Smith of The Listener, Camille Sullivan of Shattered, Michelle Thrush of Blackstone
Will Win: Diane and Anthony say Erin Karpluk will win.
Want to Win: Diane wants Camille Sullivan to win. Anthony says “it would be awesome if someone from Blackstone won,” thinking it would be great to see a winner from APTN.

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