Canada’s Got Talent coming spring 2012, auditions in progress

From a media release:

Fans of the Got Talent franchise can also look forward to the launch of Citytv’s new original series, Canada’s Got Talent, coming to the prime time schedule in Spring 2012. Auditions for Canada’s Got Talent kicked off this month in Winnipeg and Edmonton with next stops in Vancouver (Sept. 19-20), Montreal (Sept. 23-24), Toronto (Sept. 27-30) and Halifax (Oct. 11-12). Full details, rules and regulations, and sign-up forms are available at


18 thoughts on “Canada’s Got Talent coming spring 2012, auditions in progress”

  1. my name is marisa i’m 49 years old and my talent is singing. i love singing but to be on canada got talent well be my dream come true thank you

    1. I want to be on C.G.T to i love to sing and im 11 and i want to be on C.G.T so bad i wanted to last year but my mom said wate tell next year and sing and you will be better and she wants me to be in this year and i hope i get in and win because my mom is a single mom with no one to help her take care of me and my 13 year old brother he is 14 on March 6 i hope i can do it for my mom so she can save up so she can take us on a family trip. By the way im Destinee Santangelo

  2. Hi i would love to try out for canadas got talent for 2012, wondering if its audition it in newfoundland.!

  3. im so ready for 2012 talents!! i need the money to buy my dad a car… better start sav’n up!

  4. Hi! My name is James. Payette.I’m from gatineau Québec. all my life I wanted to be a singer and at the age of 46 I stil want to do it.they all tell me that I deserve a chance as a singer!
    but only you can give me this chance of a life time.and with your help I know that I can do it.and it would be a dream come true thank you.

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