Heartland game released on Facebook

From a media release:

CBC Announces the Heartland Social Game on Facebook

The cast of Heartland

CBC, in partnership with OverInteractive Media Inc. (OMI), SEVEN24 Films, Dynamo Films, and the Bell New Media Fund, launches Heartland Ranch – a branded Facebook social game that lets fans run their own virtual horse ranch. The new game is available today at http://apps.facebook.com/heartlandranch/ .

Inspired by the popular CBC series Heartland – kicking off its 5th season on Sunday, September 18, 2011 – Heartland Ranch allows players to tend to injured horses and expand their operation with the main characters from the popular show.

Building on game mechanics found in contemporary Facebook games, Heartland Ranch also incorporates themes and characters from the series to deliver a rich, engaging offering for both social gamers and viewers alike.

Throughout the season, Heartland episodes will feature unique codes within the broadcast that will unlock special offers in the game, from virtual items to coupons redeemable for real-world offers.

Special missions will be released the Monday following the broadcast with story elements from the most recently aired episode, allowing fans to enjoy a more connected Heartland experience. This innovative concept is expected to create greater user retention between episodes along with fan chatter around the storyline itself.

Heartland Ranch is not only expected to attract loyal fans of the Gemini Award-winning series, but also fans of social games and horse-lovers spurred on by viral activity such as peer recommendation, invites and gifting.


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  1. I am having difficulties getting my gift requests. I send a gift request to a friend and then I accept her gift. When I go to get my gift its not there. Any help you can give me I would appreciate it!

  2. i dont nesasarily have facebook but i am a huge fan of all the heartland book’s and movies. i hope you can fix this as i would really hate to miss out on the fun of the online game…
    hope you can help
    thanks xx

  3. heyy xx
    i love the game, fanx sooooo much for creating it, i really aprechiate it. but theres one problem… ty’s not real! i really love you graham !!! lol xxx
    love from me and my bm matt xx

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