Cover Me Canada releasing Facebook app

From a media release:

OverInteractive Media Inc. (OMI) in partnership with the Canadian Broadcast Corporation (CBC) and Temple Street Productions is launching a branded companion Facebook Application (“App”) that will leverage social media activity across platforms to deliver a groundbreaking social media strategy for CBC Television’s new live weekly music competition series, COVER ME CANADA.

This fall, beginning Sunday, September 18 at 9 p.m. (9:30 NT), eight undiscovered acts will go head-to-head covering songs from different Canadian music icons. Both during and in between weekly episodes, the COVER ME CANADA App will fuel the competition by tracking, measuring and motivating social engagement and, ultimately, will encourage fans to influence the weekly outcome.

In addition to providing fans a voting platform, the App tracks and aggregates a combination of social activities to determine ‘Fan Scores’ and competitors’ ‘Social Scores.’ ‘Fan Scores’ are used to award additional weekly earned votes and identify “Superfans” who qualify for virtual achievements and real world prizes. Competitors’ ‘Social Scores’ contribute to awarding one competitor weekly immunity.

Optimized for both web and mobile browsers, the App will also feature Mentionmapp’s data visualization technology to highlight trends.