Cocktales premieres September 23 on The Comedy Network

From a media release:

Five Guys Let it All Hang Out In New Original Series COCKTALES, Premiering Sept. 23 on The Comedy Network

  • Original series shot at the legendary Masonic Temple in Toronto
  • Cocktales is a look behind normally closed doors into the shocking, debaucherous, competitive world of male storytelling


The key to the male psyche is about to be revealed! The Comedy Network comes at ya hard with the insanely outrageous premiere of its new original production COCKTALES, this Friday, September 23 at 10 p.m. ET/PT. Shot at the legendary Masonic Temple in Toronto, this new 10-episode, half-hour series gives an inside look at what some men really talk about behind closed doors. Each week, a rotating panel of guys recounts their craziest sexual encounters, hilarious pranks and wildest memories. Viewers can also catch these debaucherous tales on

From high school teachers and computer programmers to city workers and comedians, a varied blend of young men sign on to spill their COCKTALES. Ranging between the ages of 22-35, these storytellers push the boundaries further than ever before with hilarious, crude, and downright messed-up tales. In the premiere episode, the panel recounts poor decisions at a massage parlour, a cockfight, and have a stimulating discussion about the movie Rain Man.

COCKTALES, an original Bell Media production, is co-created and co-produced by Curtis Gajewski and Tim Wadleigh. Also for Bell Media, Alex Sopinka is Executive Producer and Pam de Montmorency is Supervising Producer for the series.


10 thoughts on “Cocktales premieres September 23 on The Comedy Network”

  1. Just saw “Cocktales” debut episode.

    It was a collections of rude, crude, inappropriate, morally vacant, foul language laced stories of near and full perversion told by four boozed up guys that never matured.

    Best thing I’ve seen in a long time.

  2. This show should be called “Fake Laughs,” weak minded fools braying at the childish drivel of their fellow guests. This show is pathetic and irritating, anyone watching, let alone participating, should be ashamed. Pathetic.

  3. Was channel surfing and came across this show at 8 p.m. CST. I’m surprised that this offensive content is being inappropriately shown on a Sunday night during prime time! Shame on you, Comedy Network. Why can’t you show Big Bang Theory instead?

  4. Masonic temple??? Really. They would allow such blatantly made up and poorly delivered stories told by mental and moral degenerates soil the names of the respective societies that meet at the temple? Or does the temple have other ideas and another message?

  5. Pathetic, a half hour show with the guys you knew in high school who were the biggest liars about getting laid.

  6. It doesn’t take much to get a show aired these days does it? Just have sex with a drunk chick and tell someone. The filler between commercials is getting weaker and weaker. This is all the guys in high school who think no means yes,

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