TV, eh? podcast episode 67 – “99 44/100 Percent Pure Evil”

It’s the Halloween edition of the TV, eh? podcast, and fittingly Diane talks to Alex House (Todd) and Chris Leavins (Atticus) of Todd and the Book of Pure Evil.

Anthony and Diane talk about the Directors Guild of Canada awards, the casting call for YTV’s Zoink’d, production on the pilot of Borealis, ABC Family coming to Canada as ABC Spark, Being Erica’s international success, and the era of on-demand television meaning there are no safe timeslots for Canadian shows.

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2 thoughts on “TV, eh? podcast episode 67 – “99 44/100 Percent Pure Evil””

  1. Great podcast shame that … Dianne has not watched enough episodes to be converted ! to a ravenous she devil, metal loving queen!

  2. Thanks, and ha, I’m working on it. Chris was right – I liked the musical episode. Other than the gross bits that had me covering my eyes!

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