Mr. Young schools US audiences

From Cheryl Hollarof Suite 101

  • Brendan Meyer: Whiz-Kid Teen Teaches Disney XD Viewers Across US
    “You know, acting is tough. It is something that requires a lot of mental energy, and a lot of understanding of not being too big or too broad, so I think I am just drawing on all my past experiences, because when you first start out, it is very difficult. You are constantly getting more comfortable. Whenever you go into anything, you have to draw on your own experiences and the techniques and work ethics you have learned in the past…before Mr. Young I did a series regular role on the show Dinosapien on Discovery Kids, and I wasn’t the lead on it, but I had a part in every episode, so I think I do draw from my experiences on that show. And then I had experience working on a TV show and keeping up the pace over the course of 16 or 20 episodes, or however many episodes we were working on.” Read more.