New tonight: Mr. D on CBC – “24 Hour Famine”

Gerry Dee as Mr

Gerry volunteers to help staff the 24 Hour Famine event in an effort to spend time with Xavier’s hot guidance counselor, Eva MacPhee. Meanwhile Lisa has arranged a staff night out at a bar, which turns into a wild night.

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Diane Wild

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2 thoughts on “New tonight: Mr. D on CBC – “24 Hour Famine””

  1. I find the way the star touches/bumps and/or rubs up against his students creepy. In this day and age where priests, teachers and coaches are crossing the familiarity line all too often, shouldn’t a show about a teacher be more careful not to set a bad example? Am I alone in feeling this way?

  2. Did anyone laugh at this show? I watched with several other people and there wasn’t even one chuckle. It is not funny….a bit like Insecurity…

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