New tonight: The Firm, Museum Secrets and Caution: May Contain Nuts

The Firm, Global – “Chapter Six – False Promises”
Victor Garber (Alias) Guest Stars. Mitch is blindsided when a judge’s offer of leniency for his client appears to have ulterior motives behind it. Claire tries to convince her parents that she needs a cell phone, but when her parents disagree, Claire devises a new plan that scares Abby to the core. Meanwhile, Tammy and Ray continue piecing together what little clues they have on the Sarah Holt case.

Museum Secrets, History Television – “The Imperial War Museum, London, UK”
The Imperial War Museum tells the story of Britain at war, from World War One to the present, through a collection of 10 million items – from guns to planes to medals to cyanide pills – at five locations in England visited by over 2 million people every year. Museum Secrets descends into Churchill’s top-secret underground bunker to discover why he was an irreplaceable leader.

CAUTION: May Contain Nuts, APTN – “Samurai Space Rage”
CAUTION: May Contain Nuts continues to bring the funny to TV every Thursday, and tonight your bones will be extra tickled. In this episode we see Detective Mistakechuck inadvertently kidnap a group of kids and Jack Potts and the Bees Knees Arthurs show us how crazy our relatives were in the roaring 20’s . The Master and Samurai reflect on the Kill Bill’esque tale of “Ginja Ninja” featuring Franne of Green Stables. Oh and did we mention there’s a naked Cowboy? Catch new episodes on APTN and all our classics on BITE.

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