New tonight: Heartland, Sunshine Sketches, Less Than Kind, Million Dollar Neighbourhood, Lost Girl

Heartland, CBC – “Aftermath”
In an attempt to avoid hitting a wolf, Ty is badly injured when he crashes his bike on a remote road, leaving Jack to search for help in the middle of nowhere.

Sunshine Sketches of a Little Town, CBC
CBC-TV celebrates Canada’s most revered humourist and one of the world’s most popular authors in this genre, Stephen Leacock, with a contemporary adaptation of his 1912 novel SUNSHINE SKETCHES OF A LITTLE TOWN, airing on Sunday, February 12 at 8 p.m. (8:30 NT). This signature event marks the 100th anniversary of the publication of Leacock’s most popular work, bringing together an incredible who’s who of Canada’s top actors and comedic talent for a comedy romp in the town of Mariposa.

Less Than Kind, HBO Canada – “Delirium”
A surprising goodnight kiss with Miriam makes Sheldon hopeful for a renewed relationship. But then Josh is last man standing when Sheldon, Anne and Clara fall to a vicious flu bug. Danny must come up with a plan to get out of a school project.

Million Dollar Neighbourhood, OWN Canada – “Breaking Bread & Making Dough”
Residents save money by eating inexpensively at home for a week. Later, they try to earn money by staging a five-star “Wine & Dine” with celebrity chef Anthony Sedlak.

Lost Girl, Showcase – “School’s Out”
Bo goes undercover as a high school teacher to investigate a mysterious case-Kenzi soon regrets agreeing to help her. Lauren makes a much anticipated return home from vacation.