New tonight: The Nature of Things, Doc Zone, The Firm

David and Sarika Tandem Bike

The Nature of Things, CBC – “The Suzuki Diaries: Future City”
In a new installment of “Suzuki Diaries”, David and his daughter, Sarika, travel to some of Canada’s biggest cities, seeking the most innovative and passionate initiatives which address our cities’ vitality, growth and survival.

Doc Zone, CBC – “Who’s Sorry Now?”
Explores the art, the spin and the billion dollar business behind The Big Apology from public figures.

The Firm, Global – “Chapter Eight”
When Mitch is released from jail after being cleared as a suspect in Martin Moxon’s death, he visits an uncooperative Sarah Holt. Meanwhile, Tammy and Abby delve into a mysterious list that Moxon left behind.